Why I’m Doing Whole30

I first did Whole30 in November of I think 2014. It did not go well. I ate things that were borderline ok like sweet potato chips, I snacked a ton (allowed but not ideal) and I don’t think I made it the full 30 days. I’ve since done it 3 more times, each better than the last.

Whole30 is as hard or as easy as you make it. The key to success is to plan, to an annoying detail. You do not want to be caught hungry with nothing you can eat.

The hardest part is navigating the eating commitments away from home so now’s a perfect time! Eating out is hard because you’re not preparing your food; it’s so easy for a non-compatible oil to slip in.

Personally, my body responds very well to eating this way; I’ve eaten vegan and I don’t get the same results.

I’m a pretty healthy eater, but I like doing a Whole30 to reset my system. Sometimes I go a bit off the rails; lately I’ve been boozing more than I’d like and filling my love of pizza a little too much.

A big part of Whole30 is the post reintroduction phase. I’ve botched this in the past, but it’s so important because your system is purged of these things already. I think I have a very mild case of IBS; I’ve noticed meals that are majorly pasta or rice based make me feel uncomfortable. If these things are more just a part of a dish, like pizza which also has the sauce, cheese and toppings or like toast with my breakfast I seem to be ok. This’ll be a good experiment though.

I’m starting my Whole30 March 1st.

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