International Women’s Day

The badass herself.

It’s International Women’s Day! I was going to post on Instagram then thought “wait a minute, it falls on a Monday. I should blog!”

My inspiration. People are taken aback with how we speak to each other. Just because I’m “mean” does not mean I do not respect and love my momma!

Why do we just have a day? But whatever. The day celebrates women and brings attention to the inequality, discrimination, gender bias and just the general bullshit we have to put up with daily.

I know I’ve shared some of this but I can’t remember if it was on here. If so, forgive me. I worked in a VERY male dominated field. Many of the audit teams I was on I was the only female, and usually in dealing with big wigs at my firm that meant talking with a male. All that being said, I’m very, very good at professionally working with those of the opposite gender. I’ve built a successful career as a female; if I can do it gender is never an excuse.

The OG class and sass; I learned so much from this one!

I was the local office champion for our women’s group; initially I was hesitant on it because I didn’t feel we should have to have our own group. However, I’m so damn proud of Mazars for continually spotlighting the inequalities we have and working WITH males; we have some serious top level male support.

Office celebration; Women’s Day 2018

I have always thought I could do anything regardless of my gender. I’ve never not gone for something because I’m female. I strongly believe in equal opportunity and equal pay. Women are resilient…um hello? What have I gone though?

Shout out especially to all the badass females that balance a career and a family and nail it daily. Even if you feel you’re not doing enough…girl you are.

We’re stronger than we know, get things done, and go back to slaying.

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