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I planned to write a totally different post. I of course watched the interview Sunday night and it was EXPLOSIVE. I was totally not prepared and there’s a lot, A LOT, to process. One of my close friends who also has a deep knowledge of the Monarchy and I have a very detailed email conversation going.

I obviously have many, many thoughts and I’m happy to converse with anyone. I’ve been clued into the British royals, to the obsession level, since William and Kate’s engagement in 2010. My about me says “she loves the British royals.”

I will share some of my thoughts.

That was much more revealing and disturbing what they went through. I thought both of them were very poised and careful in what they said-they didn’t (although accusations will be made) throw anyone under the bus. I felt what Harry said was much more vague and open to interpretation, which makes sense. I’m expecting, even though obviously they made it clear it’s like talking to a brick wall the UK argument will be they first should have brought up these grievances first behind closed doors, even just to say “we’re going to share this”.

I thought Meghan explaining her naiveness and comparing celebs with the royals made a lot of sense. I was taken aback by the Kate crying thing because it wasn’t true and yet no one tried to correct it. I really liked what she said that if you love one you don’t have to hate the other. I do think, and felt this before the interview, Kate as the only person who’s experienced being “normal” before this should have tried more. I respect that they weren’t besties but before H&M moved to Windsor how hard would it have been to have her over for tea? Maybe I’m wrong and that happened behind closed doors, but for her to say she had no support…to me that extends to Kate. The detail of not being prepared by The Firm for royal life was shocking to me. Is receiving training an assumption the public makes that isn’t true? Or did the staff already have something against her and just chose not to give her info? As Meghan explained it I thought of course Meghan cried. It was her wedding week, it was extremely stressful, and one little comment probably upset her. It happens to all brides, she said Kate apologized and they moved on. That seems normal to me. Kate and Meg don’t have to be friends, but I am very curious as to why Kate provided no support. It just seems obvious that an American who did not grow up with the Royals would get training; that surprised me like when she said she was looking up the National Anthem. I wonder…it’s been revealed that very early on William expressed to Harry he was moving too fast. Maybe he then expressed that disagreeing opinion to Kate which made her be, not not welcoming but also not willing to go out of her way to help? Like I believe if Meghan had asked she would have helped more. There’s no blame here but it would seem like Meghan would just assume “they’re much more experienced than I, I won’t seek help.”

The whole racism stuff…it’s sad, disgusting and the Firm should be ashamed of themselves. This was the most damaging and awful part of the interview. Harry wanted to say that Elizabeth and Philip were not involved in this conversation. The overarching thought is it was Charles or William. There am many other family members though like Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie and Edward. I think it was in no way meant maliciously, alternatively it probably came from a place of love, but because the Royals have never dealt with race they mishandled it. There’s many other examples of how the Royals have this blanket rule of not expressing opinions even when they should. A few years ago with the Me Too movement actresses decided to wear black to the BAFTAs, the British film awards. William is a patron and he and Kate had gone in years prior. They went…and Kate wore dark green. Really? A perfect way to show support for something which is a basic human right and they didn’t want to express an opinion.

I think had this not been raised we would have heard nothing from the palace. Now though I think they have to reply. I’ve thought a lot about this and my take is the best response would be “we’ve never had to deal with race stuff. We handled this wrong and it’s unfortunate this was how it played out. We’ve now learned.” I also wouldn’t be surprised if we see a simple statement from the Queen, like “I love my grandson. I wish him and his family the best in the future.” Because as political as this may be at the end of the day we can see that’s a real special bond. The reason I think she’ll say something is because of when Diana died; she clearly didn’t want to film that tribute but the public were starting to turn on the monarchy. Without a response you’ve really damaged your look in all the Commonwealth countries not to mention all over the world.

The suicide stuff: my heart just breaks for Meghan. I know exactly what that feels like, to not feel like you and that it’d just be easier to not be alive. I can’t imagine being denied help and having to go out in public right when that happens. It’s so sad to think how much her experience parallels Diana’s and that the institution still did not help the individual.

What baffles me is William, Kate and Harry started Heads Together. If three members of your senior royals tote mental health as a major concern why would you then deny one of your own the help she needed?

There’s such a stigma that struggling means you’re weak. It also can, even though like for Meghan, you’re this highly successful woman, if you have one patch of struggling brand you for life. I personally cannot imagine having all I’ve worked for and my image usurped by two small moments where I truly did not feel like myself and needed help. I’ve been pretty open about struggling with depression and this part really resonated with me.

I’m so unbelievably disappointed in Charles and William. I feel like the Queen, as powerful as she is, is too connected to the old ways and honestly probably too swayed by like senior secretaries; I think other opinions of how best to handle situations are clouding her judgement. So really it falls to those 2 to go to bat for Harry and they dropped the ball. I am 100% in the camp that Charles is the villain in this story, as well as the staffs of The Firm. I really feel that the clip (extra, look on YouTube)nthe morning after where Harry said like “what’s being said to her isn’t good advice”was very telling. Yes she’s THE QUEEN but I think realistically she’s a 90+year old that because she wasn’t brought up with social media and the internet is getting A LOT of input from supposed experts. I cannot even begin to imagine if my dad did some of the things Charles did to Harry. I feel like we saw him mishandle the whole Diana situation now we’re seeing him mishandle this situation. As much as I’m upset with him ultimately his behavior is in line with who he’s proven to be in the past. I don’t want to believe William took an active role but passivity is just as bad.

I know that was a lot. Ultimately, and I felt this way at the start of all this, Meghan Markle is flawless and a remarkable woman. You could see at their home the day after and in the video with Archie on the beach they’re just so happy, relaxed and at peace. And they deserve that so much. I cannot wait to see all they do now!

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