Whole30: Days 1-12

I was hit with a “why the hell am I putting myself through this. I just want a freakin’ sandwich!” This has happened before but usually like day 20 so that threw me it happened so early.

Negatives-last Friday I had a horrid headache. Brain fog is an expected side effect. It wasn’t as strong but it continued through the weekend. And I’ll be honest; anytime I’m not eating I’m hungry.

However I’ve realized how much unnecessary crap is in our condiments and sauces. You have to be very cautious of your labels and many products are not Whole30 compatible. Because of that I’ve had to buy or make staples like ketchup and ranch dressing. I’ve found yummy alternative products and recipes. Spending a bit more or devoting a little more time is so worth it to not put unnecessary shit in your body.

I’m a ranch fiend, to the point of I sometimes can’t have it in the house because I can’t restrain myself. I like it with fries and to dip pizza in…give me ranch and I become a monster. I discovered Tessemae’s and it’s SO good. They carry it at Whole Foods or be like me and go a bit overboard and shop online.

I started having a mocktail each evening, I just have a sparking water with a bit of fruit juice like cranberry or pomegranate. It feels like a treat but doesn’t need alcohol and I’m not ingesting a ton of sugar.

Funny story: I spent last weekend at the condo. Kevin had coffee cake out on the counter. I could have asked Kevin to move it but I wanted to test my willpower.

On to the rest of the month!

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