My Stance on Alcohol

I want to preface this with there’s no history of alcohol addiction in my family. Alcoholism is serious but thankfully never something I’ve had to consider.

I love a glass of wine or a good cocktail. My career revolved around many dinners where the norm is a pre-dinner cocktail, a bottle (or two) of wine with dinner and a post-dinner drink.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to drink. I have many, MANY friends that choose to drink more than me. There’s no judgement by me, NONE. It is a personal choice at the end of the day.

When this first happened I went one year with no, none, alcohol. Technically my medications shouldn’t mix with alcohol so it was just easier for me to go cold turkey. In my whole recovery, over two years, there has been one time I had more than one drink; I had two glasses of wine.

I’m currently doing Whole30 aka I’m not boozing. But I currently am in an alcohol pro-stage. I love a drink in late afternoon/evening. I’m living with my parents during my recovery. My mom drinks a glass of wine with dinner, and we’re planning to do a wine subscription box for a few months. It’ll just be something fun to do.

Alternatively around 2013 I just felt like not drinking so for close to two years I really didn’t drink.

So really, you have to do you. Make up your mind and roll with it; if it’s “I’m not drinking right now” that’s ok but on the flip you can totally choose to drink regularly.

Ultimately you have every right to change your opinion over time.

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

5 thoughts on “My Stance on Alcohol”

  1. Definitely a to each there own. Loved your post. I don’t drink, but it did not serve me. I don’t have alcoholism, but my husband does. However I definitely had an alcohol use disorder and it never led to safe or smart decisions for me so I removed it for good. But I love seeing people who don’t need to use it but can safely when they want:)

      1. It’s not the easiest of task in a society where it is so pushed on you, so good for you for also not giving Into the culture of doing it just because everyone is because obviously not everyone is and for so many reasons. I am so thankful I didn’t drink before my brain Injury and still don’t:)

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