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I have a very personal post in draft about weight that I’ll finalize soon. I do in the meantime have some general tips, building on this post.

If you’re like me and like many, you’re borderline obsessed over your weight. I get it, I do. I’ve learned a lot, both from my recovery and just from being a healthy eater. Below are some of my top tips:

-Eat slow. I said it my other post but it’s important. Pre-surgery I would describe myself as a fast eater. Recovery has forced me to slow down; I physically cannot eat fast. Because of this I’ve become aware of just how fast some people eat and frankly just grossed out at how some people wolf down their food like they haven’t eaten in weeks.

And it’s so true; your body does take time to register as full. I can speak from experience of times I took a smaller portion or passed on something and felt completely full and satisfied when I was done. You can always take seconds. Be kind to your body and give it a chance to feel full first though.

-Every day is different. Last week there was one afternoon where I wanted to eat all the things. Some days I’m content with the standard three meals. Some mornings I wake up ravenous and others I go hours before feeling hungry. Listen to your body!

-Stop drinking pop. Seriously, you’re putting pure shit in your body. Regular pop is just full of sugar. Diet has crazy additives. Break this stupid habit; it’s beyond worth the effort. Do you drink it for the…

Taste? Make a spritzer with sparkling water and fruit juice.

Bubbles? Switch to seltzer.

Caffeine? This I sympathize with if you don’t like coffee or tea. There are lots of adjacent options like chai and matcha that taste totally different. However, this might be a good opportunity to explore a caffeine free life.

Also I heard about this. Now listen. I’m a believer in ginger ale if your stomach is urpy, or a regular Coke if you’re feeling the start of a cold. But those are unusual cases. If you’re drinking pop daily, STOP.

-It’s not about a number. We’re so obsessed with a number but that’s not what matters. I’ve bought a bigger size because it fit better. Was it a mind fuck because society teaches us to be a smaller size? Yes. Did I look good versus obviously squeezing into a too small size? Also yes.

Plus muscle weighs more than fat. #provenscience. So being strong means you may be at a higher weight. Should you sacrifice strength for skinniness?

We put an unnecessary amount of stress on ourselves over eating. Everyone should chillax and just try to be the best version of you. That really is enough.

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