Whole30: Days 13-26

I read the book Food Freedom; I cannot recommend this enough. The biggest point I liked is it’s understood everyone’s food journey is cyclical. You reset and do your reintroduction (like Whole30), feel great, implement your food freedom, start to slide, identify you want to tighten your diet up, so you reset again.

It’s said as you reset more, you may not need as long a reset. This really rung true for me; personally I can accomplish what I want in 10 days (see this as proof).

Kevin and my mom pointed out that the last two times I’ve done Whole30 I’ve been insanely busy with work which kept my mind off what I couldn’t eat.

Overall it’s been going very well. I’ve moved into the acceptance phase, knowing I can have these things soon. On day 12 I did have an issue; I had some celery in my lunch which kicked off a weekend of digestive distress. I made this worse by having side salads with lunch. I’ve never had this issue before, but I’ve concluded I’m sensitive to raw veggies and am trying to avoid them.

As I said it’s been no biggie but on St. Paddy’s Day…


Let me explain.

During my workout session one of my trainers and the owner of Movement Revolution Eric said he brought in donuts and would cut me off a piece. I thought “ok I’ll bring it home and freeze it.” Well. Afterwards he gave it to me and shared it was from Do-Rite Donuts aka my favorite donut place.

There’s a few things I beyond love. The Royals, spinach, mushrooms, Survivor, pizza…and donuts. I lose my mind when it comes to donuts. I did not break but man this tested my willpower.

On Day 18 I brought in a secret weapon: bacon. It makes EVERYTHING taste better. So that’s where I’m at.

I’m eager to be done and for sweetened coffee creamer.

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