Pandemic Perspective

My therapist brought up a very interesting point last week. I was talking about something and said “well I’ll give them a chance to get back to pre-Covid personality.” And she said “Logan, Covid may have altered who people are. Be prepared for people to be different.”

It makes a lot of sense. Before Covid we were all SUPER busy. This forced us to slow down and be thankful for the little things. Now as we have more freedom people might not want to get back to that lifestyle.

Now I have no perspective on having to work from home during this for so long. Pre-surgery, I did work from home 2 days a week every week so I do understand the struggle of working in your home and the trickiness of time management. Therefore I do understand the dilemma now that the possibility of going to the office becomes an option.

I like to think I’m mostly the same after Covid but I want to ask what vibe I give off now. I’d invite you to do a similar self exploration.

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