When I was growing up I got sick A LOT. Just head colds but I just remember every Christmas and birthday I was sick. Then I started getting a flu shot every year; it never gave me the flu but totally stopped me being sick all the time. Pre-surgery, I’d usually get a cold once a year since some sick dumbass didn’t stay home and I got their germs.

Now, to each their own on the vaccine. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion; I personally am so pro-vaccine and got my first dose yesterday. However, I’m seeing and hearing two bullshit reasons for not getting the vaccine:

-It causes infertility. This load of crap was circulating a while ago and is making young women not want the vaccine so that it doesn’t mess with their chances of conceiving in the future. THERE IS NO PROOF OF THIS. There’s no possible way to know the effects of a new vaccine. And call me selfish but I’m gonna protect me, not an un-conceived unborn child. If it does indeed cause issues, I’ll deal with that when it’s actually an issue.

-I’m not going to put something with unknown effects in my body. Bodies are strong; if I get Covid I can fight it! Nope. I’ve heard many stories of ridiculously healthy young people getting Covid and it having devastating effects. No one who’s gotten the vaccine then Covid has died. FACT.

So find some solid factual proof to not get the vaccine. Meanwhile, I’ll be chillin’ with those that have had it.

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