Whole30: Days 27-30 and Reintroduction

Like I said here, I figured out pretty early my food freedom means a shorter, like 10 day, reset. That made this quite difficult; I knew I wanted to examine how food impacts me with the reintroduction phase but I also knew what was worth it (coffee creamer, booze).

I wanted to do this primary to help identify foods that negatively impact me. But although I planned to do the reintroduction as prescribed (10 days) towards the end like Day 29 I was heavily looking forward to all the forbidden foods. I decided while I’d still single out food groups to reintroduce, if something wasn’t affecting me I’d move on to the next thing versus waiting a few days. I also was careful to take into account plans and to still eat Whole30 to not then feel sick for example before a workout.

Very interesting I learned I’m sensitive to grains, gluten or not. I can eat them but the amount versus what else makes up the meal determines if I then have digestive issues. I’m not NOT going to eat grains, but sometimes it’s a smarter decision to restrict or avoid them in a meal.

Whole30 is a serious commitment. I’ve done it 5 times, to varying degrees of success. I have a few top tips:

-You must plan and prepare. To the point of over-preparing. This is crucial, otherwise you’ll fail. It’s as simple as that.

-Pre-Whole30, make and freeze compatible food. You will have times where you’re starving and you will need something you can eat.

-On that note, buy snacks that are compatible. Meat sticks, almonds. You’re supposed to try to not snack but if you’re hungry you gotta eat!

-Every meal doesn’t need to be an Instagram shot. Sometimes you’ll eat two hard boiled eggs, some cold compatible sausage and fruit, be perfectly full and can move on (this was my go to out of town hotel breakfast).

Whole30 is a lot about non-scale successes; think clear skin, less joint pain and better sleep. I personally did not have any of those; I think because I was pretty healthy before. Whole30 is NOT about losing weight but it is a nice side bonus. I lost 5 pounds; I honestly expected a bit more like 7-10.

Overall I’m happy I did it and had some huge breakthroughs which made it worth it!

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