Today is my birthday! I turn 33.

I LOVE my birthday. It’s an excuse to demand excellent treatment…really though I live pretty much like everyday is my birthday. I love no one more than myself; #sorrynotsorry. I will often buy things and be asked “is this a gift?”Yes. For myself. I hate the stereotype that only children are spoiled; I’m a very giving person but I’m also quite fucking spoiled.

Now I didn’t have the typical freak out when I turned 30. Honestly I was happy to finally have an excuse for my old lady tendencies. I’m not someone that had a detailed future plan, but my surgery did happen 6 months after I turned 30. This is NOT how I thought I would spend my 30’s. Not at all. I’m having to slowly get back to the career I built, the home I created, and work every damn day on things I took for granted before.

But what choice do I have but to work everyday? Giving up is not an option. Also it is what it is; I said that to my mom in the hospital pre-surgery. I try to laugh when I can, count the little things as big victories and not beat myself when I need to have a pity party.

Today I’m gonna do things to honor myself, and probably buy something because damn I deserve it. : )

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