Being Social Again

I spent the weekend at the condo which was so lovely. There were many amazing moments but two stood out; Saturday we went to the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit (I’ll do a separate post but it was amazing) and Sunday we went to Kevin’s mom’s house for lunch and got to spend time with the whole fam. Everyone’s vaccinated so there were no masks and omg hugs! I’ve missed hugging more than I realized!

Saturday though after the exhibit we were exhausted and spent the rest of the day on the couch. Sunday I said to Kevin “I don’t think I remember how to be social.”

And wow it’s so true. Video chat, while super convenient, has made us all socially awkward. How great is it to not have to leave your house, hell wear sweatpants and slippers, do something then go back to your day? I’m an introvert, and this has made it ok to not be fully present and hid behind my phone versus communicate via talking.

The coolest Zoom wedding last June!

Just recently my book club debated an in person meeting versus a Zoom since 2/5 have to call in anyways. It’s so tempting but we all need to force ourselves to make actual in person plans.

It was an easy decision when you couldn’t leave your house. Now we’re all in this weird limbo of navigating what’s safe. My therapist gave me two great ideas. Before a get together, determine the mask protocol. It needs to be discussed so everyone is comfortable. And it’s ok to acknowledge “hey I don’t know how to act” etc. Because probably everyone’s feeling it but no one’s saying it.

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