Vaccination Thoughts

I got my second dose of the vaccine last week. I thought I’d feel this sense of relief and I’m sure I will; I already feel I can be a little more lax and I know being vaccinated will be a condition to travel. But I mainly felt one feeling.


Now I’m not going to sugar coat this, or go for silver linings. No I’m gonna be a realist. This past year+ has been pure hell. This has SUCKED. Covid has ruined so many normal rites of passage and people’s livelihood. It must have been horrible navigating raising children, for the social and school aspects. So now there’s a solution and people are not taking it? What?

Because I like black and white facts here are the common things I’m hearing:

There’s not enough long term research.

Valid. Covid is a new virus. Everything has been new at one point though; polio, the flu vaccine, etc. We get rid of these things by being brave.

Covid is a hoax.

Really? What the fuck are these people mass dying of? If we’re over a year into this and you still believe this bullshit bless your little heart. Do me a fav-go somewhere public sans mask and breathe deep. Maybe lick something too.

Getting it is a big chance you’re taking.

At in patient rehabilitation my therapist said he could walk outside and be hit by a bus. Yes you are taking a chance; can’t you say that about anything? I had someone say I’m signing up to die earlier than I would without the vaccine…um what? On what basis do you know that?

I am so sensitive to medicine.

SAME. But seriously I was allergic to the glue in the tape they used when I was admitted to the hospital. In inpatient rehab I got Claritin but that fucked me up. I’m on medicine but the smallest tweak in dosage has a major impact on me. I started getting the flu vaccine every year 10+ years ago (I know they’re totally different) and have never had a reaction. Even if I had, like I did with dose 2 (fever, chills, headache…mild flu, exactly what they said could happen) I’d still get the vaccine. Why? Because I believe in science.

This could impact your ability to conceive.

I said this in another post, but call me selfish #1 priority is Logan. If indeed it has an impact we’ll deal with that when it’s relevant.

They’re already seeing long term effects.

Wait, we’re seeing long term effects on a vaccine that’s only been out a few months? I have several horror stories about how Covid can strike, and alternatively how the vaccine has fixed Covid problems. Last I checked, no one who’s been vaccinated then gotten Covid has died. Could a medical person confirm that?

Now I know, it’s wasted energy worrying over something you cannot control. Here’s what I’m doing. I am part of a few Facebook groups so I’m just asking people to explain why they aren’t getting it. If someone just says “not for me” I press them to explain. I don’t want to try and change people’s minds or get into a fight but people should have a valid reason for the decision to not get the shot.

Ultimately this is your body and your choice. I’m always willing to have a calm discussion to understand rationale to not get it. But personally I think it’s selfish to not get it. If you’re not vaccinated stay the f away from me!

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