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I love an old fashioned print magazine. I have a few (ok many) subscriptions, one being InStyle. They have this very fun feature called my style where someone names their favorite things! So I decided to do it too : )

Daily uniform

Newest pair. If I were a shoe I’d be these.

Tieks flats or Keds. I stopped wearing heels except for work and special occasions years ago and now it’s not a possibility. Either a dress or jeans, a short sleeve shirt and a cardigan.

After the Drybar experience, 2014.

Lit pick

I read A LOT. Some shit, some great profound stuff. My recent picks? The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai and Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid (you must listen to the audiobook!)

Mane must-have

I have fine curly hair and my whole life bounced around with shampoo and conditioner. I’d wash my hair every two days but by day two it was greasy AF. Last year I found the brand Ouidad. GAME CHANGER. My curls are the best they’ve ever been, I can now stretch my washes to every three-four days.

It’s carried at Ulta but their site has frequent sales.

Best basic

Everlane hands down. I have many different items but I mostly swear by their short sleeve tee shirts.

Dublin 2018. Everlane is often a packing staple.

Mood booster

Kristen Bell initially revealed this favorite of mine. I buy amber oil, it’s like $9 from Whole Foods. I got some rollerballs from Amazon, mixed like 1/4 amber oil with 3/4 olive oil and it’s a perfume that smells AMAZING.

Professional high point

Oh my gosh so many. I’m so proud of my career, and besides dealing with this recovery see being a CPA my greatest accomplishment.

My first day of work in the UK.
A Snapchat sent to my friend Steph who hates Tuesdays.

Stand outs are working in our London office, successfully moving out of audit but staying at my firm, and being on the first panel to speak at our annual partner retreat.

Happy Place

2016. It was the hottest day of the year, something like 98 degrees!

London of course. I’ve been there…8 times I think including living there twice, once as a student then as a professional.

Sitting in Kensignton Park in 2017 on August 31, after seeing all the flowers and such for Princess Diana at Kensignton Palace for the 20th anniversary of her death.

Signature necklace

A few years ago Kevin got me a necklace for my birthday (ok I asked for it and picked it out). But it’s one of most prized possessions, and I wear it all the time to this day.

Super supplement

I take a lot of shit daily. My two musts though: iron and a probiotic.

Now too much iron can mess with your liver. But I added in a supplement and it really impacted my energy level. My doctor deemed 3x a week is a good amount.

I recently stopped taking all supplements for some blood work and lack of a probiotic reeked havoc on my digestion. I started taking it and poof! Immediately things were normal.

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