Why My Life Relates To RHONY

I know. I KNOW. This show is pure garbage.

I’ve watched the Housewives franchise for years. I decided all the negativity wasn’t good for my psyche but New York I just can’t quit you, mostly because I’ve been in love with Bethenny Frankel for years. Yes she can be mean. She tells it like it is. She’s badass, goes for what she wants and created something amazing when everyone said she couldn’t do it. She could easily sit back and be comfortable on her success; instead she drives to do more. And now she has an amazing charity BStrong that gets shit done.

I’ve been rewatching old seasons so I of course started with season 7 aka when Bethenny comes back. So much of what she says and does I can really relate to; I love that she doesn’t put up with being in situations she doesn’t like. She’ll leave a place to get away from a toxic environment; I too will abruptly say I’m done because life’s too short to put up with being unhappy.

Two pure Bethenny things are really ringing true for me right now.

Bethenny went through some pretty awful personal stuff. I believe her quote was “I am in shit.” She was accused of not opening up to a few new co-stars, but because things were so bad she just didn’t get into it or “I’d be on the floor sobbing.” Girl, I totally get you. This is the exact scene.

Things are far from shit and a hell of a lot better than they were. But I’m still nowhere near where I want to be and if I really got into it…just know and accept I’m fine. Really don’t try to dig deeper, I’m ok and continuing to work hard.

Second one of Bethenny’s famous lines is “get off my jock.” Look, I accept that the nature of this recovery means I’m dependent on others. I’m beyond thankful at people’s willingness to help. However I’m an only child and lived alone for four years. Pre-surgery I did an enormous amount of things completely myself. I’m not at all mad at anyone but lately I feel a bit smothered. It’s beyond frustrating to constantly know what needs to be done, capable of completing it but slower or in a different way and then have people trying to be nice and help so not be rude to indicate I can do it. I try not to, but sometimes I snap or cry. And then I feel bad. But maybe I’ll take a page out of Bethenny’s book and sat “get off my jock.”

Kind of a weird post but honestly I’m in a weird place. Not sad but not as happy as I can be.

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