The Interactive Van Gogh Exhibit

As a Christmas present my parents gave Kevin and I tickets to the Van Gogh exhibit for the weekend after my birthday. So we went a few weeks ago and it was SO COOL.

Note: Even though this exhibit is beyond neat, if it’s not convenient for you to go it’s not worth the trek. Since we live in the city it w as easy to drive over there. If you can’t easily make it experience the exhibit through my post!

We had VIP tickets (I know, we fancy) so we had someone show us around when we got there. The space is amazing; well laid out and a very pleasant experience. As this was my first foray in public post-pandemic I was understandably a bit nervous but felt totally safe and comfortable.

After our guide gave us a tour of the facility she brought us to the exhibit. The show is maybe 40 minutes and we entered about 10 minutes into it. The exhibit is in multiple rooms but the same everywhere; you sit down either on the floor or seats they have and it’s projected on all the walls and the floor. There’s mirrors in the middle of the main room which help you see everything. Once the show first ended we moved then watched it again which gave a totally different perspective.

Overall the show is like nothing I’ve ever seen. There’s accompanying music which makes it a whole experience. It’s amazing to see art this way. I really hope they do this with other artists.

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