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A typical reaction to any kind of less than pleasant situation, wether or not you’re directly involved, is to offer advice. This may come in the form of what you would have said, which unfortunately while trying to be helpful can actually be incredibly hurtful.


Through that action, you’re implying that person said their point in the wrong way, basically saying they are flawed.

I speak the truth, which means I’m sometimes too harsh. I don’t use that an excuse, like oh I know I’m harsh so that means I can be mean. Absolutely not. But it’s who I am and I’m not going to blanket soften my delivery just because some people cannot handle a direct critique.

I am willing however to amend my delivery based on the recipient. Example? I inherited this from my mom and subsequently we have a way of talking to each other that to an outsider would seem incredibly disrespectful. But my dad is not like that and thus I do not speak to him that way.

I know who I am and am comfortable with that. When I’m given advice though that I’m too harsh it feels like then I have to defend who I am. There’s also this general feeling I have, a fear that I may appear bitter by what happened to me.


This is just who Logan is.

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Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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