Giving Yourself Grace

There’s always the thought of we should be doing more. We should be working out, making something from scratch, cleaning the house, etc. But wish as we may, we do not have endless energy.

It is OK to need to rest. We are totally like a phone or other battery operated item; we need time to recharge.

I’m constantly beating myself up for not being able to do more because I think “oh old Logan could do all this” but then I stop and give myself grace. The first time I knew things were different was about 6-8 weeks after my surgery. I was out of the hospital at in-patient rehab. My mom and Kevin took me to a concert, probably for the holidays, but once we were in the room in he audience before it started I had to leave. It was too much. Now at first this memory is painful and embarrassing; I have always loved and respected the arts. But then I logically assess the situation; after such a short time my brain just couldn’t handle the sensory experience. That wouldn’t bother me now and it’s ok that it did then.

This recovery has been a lot of choosing to focus my energies on something and accept I can not do something else. For instance, during our staycation I’d often have to ask Kevin to cook because I was doing something else or just needed to sit down. I feel guilty for not being able to help but I talk myself down that I’m doing something else or I simply don’t have the energy.

It’s human nature but try to give yourself grace.

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