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With a TBI and ataxia (I’ll define that below) I’ve had to re-vamp a lot of what I use daily. I’ve found some outstanding things and I hope these recommendations help you!

Ataxia is basically you have the shakes; early on it was so bad, my legs would randomly kick at night. A therapist defined it as insane ataxia. Thankfully now it’s just my hands and usually just fine motor skills like writing. I have to be very careful as I’m highly susceptible to getting the shakes while holding a cup full of liquid; straws and cups with lids are now my best friends.

Overall with a TBI you’re just more like a bull in a china shop. As someone that loves things neat and tidy it’s like torture. I’ve had complete meltdowns over knocking over water where Kevin or my mom are like “this is no big deal.” Things also just take you much longer. I have found that it helps tremendously to take the time I need to be ready then give myself ample time before that. Having to meet a deadline quick causes me so much stress and I cannot function very well.

After almost three years or putting up with this I’ve found some stellar items that make it easier to function:

Eye cream

Confession: when I’m at my parents I have my mom apply my face products. I take my skincare VERY seriously and I just don’t have as much hand strength right now but I refuse to therefore slack off. At the condo I do my own skincare routine. I kept having this issue though where I’d apply eye cream then an hour or two later I’d have to have Kevin put in eye drops because it would get in my eye. I found and now use this at the condo; it’s so much more user friendly!

Products with a pump

I have found that while I can use a product in an open container one with a pump is just easier. Hair and face products and body lotion; especially at the condo where I try to do more for myself a pump really helps. I swear by this shampoo and conditioner and this lotion brand.


Trying to hold on to normal floss, since actions take me much longer, cuts off my finger circulation. They’re not as good but I use flossers. The short handle gives me good control and for now they work well!

Physician’s Formula Powder

Pre-surgery I used loose powder….now that’s a guaranteed mess. I love this one; it’s inexpensive yet made with good stuff and it has great coverage.

Thrive Causemetics Eye Shadow Sticks

Kevin’s mom first recommended this company, and these products specifically, to me. I love these! The long handle gives me a good grip and they are easy to apply. The colors these come in are gorgeous.

I also LOVE their mascara.

Starbucks Water Bottles

I mentioned above cups with straws are my friend. I have a favorite one; it’s obviously red, sparkly…and it’s from Starbucks. There are tons of cups but I recommend eying the selection at the Starbucks in Target. They’re reasonably priced and so cute!

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