Thoughts on Current Chicago

During our Staycation since went to multiple museums and restaurants I was able to get a flavor of the current Chicago, both specific to Covid and just in general.

First, with regards to Covid; children wear masks which makes sense as there’s not a vaccine yet and some adults wear masks but many don’t. That’s absolutely fine if you’re comfortable; I’m not yet. But I said here I don’t put value in what the CDC says and instead want to come to my own decision based on the facts. I suspect since many places are saying per the CDC if you are vaccinated masks are optional people are simply relying on that instead of basing their choice on facts.

Now, in general. This is a wide overgeneralization.

People are rude. Everyone is extremely selfish and think they’re the most important, so basic kindness can go out the window. Now do I expect people to bend over backwards for me? Of course not. But I’m in a wheelchair at museums. Are holding doors and being aware if we can’t get through too much to ask?

Now, I’m selfish too. I love no one more than myself, Kevin and Glen included. But I always show compassion for others. It makes me extremely sad this selfish attitude is the norm.

I have two actual actions to show kindness.

One, show it through your actions. Hold doors and be self-aware. Don’t be the majority here!

Two, use this as a story you can share when appropriate and to close friends. Don’t pontificate (like I am with this post) but share that it’s been noticed as a problem in hopes that it’s passed on and more and more people start acting with more kindness.

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