I don’t think people know this but it won’t be a surprise; I LOVE and am so fascinated by etiquette.I’m intrigued by books on manners and my wonder goes hand-in-hand with my love of Royals. I was raised with good manners so I’m naturally inclined to want to learn more about the correct way to do something.

Now that being said you don’t need to be scared I’ll judge you (ok that’s a lie. I probably will judge you but a lot more than acceptable manners define a character). Maybe a better way to say it is I won’t look down on you.

A few weeks ago I took this online webinar; it was $25, 75 minutes and excellent. I promptly then bought Myka Meier’s two books; I’m currently reading her first one. I’m only 20 pages in but it’s amazing!

People think etiquette means how the 1% properly eat a 10+ course meal.

False, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Etiquette is portraying yourself in the best possible light and displaying kindness to others in all your words and actions. How to, and you’ll be shocked here, actually talking to a stranger instead of pulling out your phone.

It’s a challenge though because I’ll read (or already knew) things that for safety and due to my current state I cannot do. Everything on walking is pretty much NA and for instance, I know resting your arms on the table is rude but I need to for better stabilization.I’d love to hold my wine glass the correct way, by the stem, but can’t because I need a better grip.

Regardless, I find learning about etiquette to be enjoyable! I am more than willing to loan out my copies of these fascinating books-they’re a very quick and easy read!

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