The Positives of Falling

This post is all about the metaphor of setbacks in life…using my many actual falls as an example.

Falling, a setback, bad news etc. can suck especially when we work so hard yet don’t get the outcome we want. We of course deserve to wallow in it through tears, binge eating, whatever. But then we need to dust ourselves off and move on without the fear of history causing us to be now timid and scared to try.

Take my sessions at Movement Revolution. I fall ALL THE TIME. I’m falling more lately because I’m finding my limits and sometimes overshoot those limits. I can think of five major falls (but I’m sure there have been more) not to mention all the little loses of balance that are constant in my sessions.

Now I’m lucky; I’ve never hurt myself; my trainer is amazing and has an excellent ability to react quickly. But what if, after a fall, I let that scare me from trying something again? What if I let the possibility of getting hurt keep me from trying to apply what that fall taught me?

Austin always asks me repeatedly if I’m ok, gives me a few minutes to let my adrenaline calm down and we discuss why the fall happened.

It’s completely normal to be discouraged when something doesn’t go your way. But as Tay-Tay says, shake it off! Let yourself be upset then brush yourself off and try again.

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