A Push To Be Social

Coming out of the necessary semi-hermit tendencies to stay safe it’s extremely hard to be social sometimes. After a year plus of having to interact with people over Zoom, ordering food in and attending events from the comfort of our own homes it’s tough to be motivated to actually go out.

A few weeks ago after a friend came over for dinner I was debriefing with my mom, saying despite being wonderful it was very exhausting. My mom then said “I know it’s so different than what you’re used to but coming out of Covid we all need to push ourselves to be social.”

It’s so true. I, like everyone, am trying to get out and do more since things are opening up but it just wipes my energy. The first big outing back in April we had to just bum on the couch the rest of the day, we were so tuckered out. This weekend we went to a fully vaccinated wedding and, even though it was amazing to see everyone it took a lot of energy, something I’m not used to.

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