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I just finished the book Business Etiquette Made Easy. It’s a must read for everyone and a great college graduation gift. I previously posted about Myka Meier’s first book and spoke about work.

I could not love this book more. While I did not learn many new things I found this to be an essential read full of information I wish everyone showed they knew. Unfortunately in my 7+ years in the professional world I saw loads of poor behavior from both genders and every age.

I’m going to highlight two of the tons of gems of information in this book and relate them to my own personal experience but it’s important to know etiquette is not stuffy. It’s many things including putting the best version of you on display! You are being kind to others by not behaving in a way that makes them cringe.

The first is on doggy bags. The book says absolutely no taking leftovers in business. Well…it’s situational. I present two lunches, same location and same person.

As part of my interview process my boss took me to lunch. I would have NEVER taken leftovers in that situation. However, contrast that to 4 months later. I was a staff and he took me and another staff to lunch. We both took leftovers; it was an internal group so it was different than my interview lunch. This lesson is important that depending on the circumstance different behaviors are appropriate!

The second is an example of what the book saying being 100% true; it talks about the importance of thank yous. After one of my in-person office interviews in which three people interviewed me, I went around the corner to a Subway and wrote thank yous to those three plus the office manager who greeted me, then I dropped them off before I left the city. That was in 2011 and it’s still brought up as a very kind gesture. It wasn’t me brown nosing, it was simply me being polite yet look at the career I was able to develop because I got hired. While I’m sure it wasn’t just the thank yous I know it didn’t hurt.

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  1. Good point about the Thank You notes. When I was in the Navy, I interviewed for a job, and wrote a Thank You. Positions in the Navy are not hired by the boss, but assigned by a “detailer.” (Complicated to explain, but they have a whole bunch of people to find jobs for.) I didn’t get the job, but I found out later that the guy really fought to get me.

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