The Story of My Bose Headphones

I bought my Bose headphones in the summer of 2018. I know the timing because I went to Dublin for work twice that summer, and for the first trip in June I did not have them so Kevin let me borrow his pair.

These were an investment for sure. With the amount of travel I did and how my day-to-day at work looked, I had decided they would be worth the money. I had several Visa gift cards from various work things for a substantial majority of the cost. I vividly remember going to the Target by my office with a coworker to buy them (it was during the day, but not at lunch. There is no judgement if you leave the office at a random time. Oh the number of times someone or several people would go out for coffee…)

I used my headphones A LOT that summer. They are noise cancelling so they are a game changer on flights. I love “regular” headphones but these are an obvious sign that you’re listening to something; sometimes I’f just put them on so I wouldn’t be disturbed.

When I was admitted to the hospital the first night I couldn’t sleep so I put these on and listened to Hamilton.

Post surgery I was more sensitive to sound so I’d wear the headphones at the movie theater. I thankfully don’t need them to block out noise anymore! They haven’t been used since, not for any reason other than they were away in my desk drawer at the condo. I was there this past weekend though so I took them with me! I’m excited to use my old friend again for how it’s meant to be used!

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