Friday Gratitude

I was spinning my wheels a bit on what I felt like writing-I have a lot of ideas but currently not the drive to elaborate on them. So I’m borrowing from a daily practice I try to do; jot down my gratitude via an app on my phone.

Some days are better than others; I struggle to find a consistent time of day that works best, But I know it’s extremely easy to just remember the broad, big things. That’s where this practice helps; I can go super detailed and include the smaller things.

So in that spirit, three small but great things from my week:

-One night my mom was helping me clean up in our downstairs bathroom. Glen was hovering outside, she said “hold on, I’ll give you a treat when I’m done with mama” and closed the door then I said “I’ll pick out the treat with you.” We finish up and open the door and he’s RIGHT THERE then literally starts quivering from excitement in anticipation of a treat.

The amount of joy he brings to my life daily…

-I have new shoes which I wore for the first time to my workout, and Austin complimented them.

Debuting the shoes!

-I chatted with some college friends on Monday and one said to me “I love how you love accounting.” I do!!! #nerd

With Kelsey in 2017 in Costa Rica

Have a great weekend!

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