Defining “Badass”

I get a lot of magazines. I was reading one, InStyle, and they asked that issue’s contributors “what does “badass” mean to you?” I immediately thought “blog post!”

I LOVE the concept of badass. I right away think of one of my favorite books, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero and look at my badass day calendar.

Being a badass is, regardless of gender, going for what you want and not apologizing, even if you have to seem bossy.

I have many instances where I was, in my opinion, too mean yet accomplished what I wanted after being nicer with my delivery but not getting results.

It’s also proving you can do something when you would have thought you couldn’t. For me it’s obviously this recovery. If you had asked me three years ago if I was capable of doing this I wouldn’t have known. Now not only am I doing it but I’m STILL making progress and, if I do say so myself, slaying. I do not think many people could do this; I think it would force a lot of people to give up.

I hope you never have to endure something catastrophic like this, but challenge yourself to act braver each day to prove to yourself you COULD go through something.

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