The Importance of Movement

Yes, I’m one of those people that enjoys doing regular fitness. I was a dancer starting at age 3 through college, then turned to thing like Zumba, plus I was into Soul Cycle, strength training, etc….basically a pro group fitness class person. Right before my surgery I was doing private Pilates lessons once a week for a few months and would have continued that. Now I go balls out at Movement Revolution 2-3 times a week, do Pilates at home and we have a recumbent bike.

But fitness isn’t to me having to be an “official” workout requiring workout clothes. Some days I’d walk home versus take the bus, or take the stairs over the elevator. And obviously I consider a dance party a way to get fitness in!

My trainer and I discussed a possibility with the rise in mental health issues is simply a lack of movement. Stress literally sits in you and needs to be extricated through moving. Now of course I’m not saying just taking up running will cure a mental health issue. Mental health is real and serious. But I do think remembering to place importance on movement is huge.

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