The New Terror With Sneezing

Having a TBI greatly changes many, MANY things, including very seemingly mundane things. Most of what is my new normal are things the average person doesn’t think twice about; I sure didn’t pre-surgery. Now though something that is no big deal for most can be huge for me.

Let’s talk the act of sneezing. Pre-surgery this was just something every person does during their day. Now it can be extremely scary because it throws me off balance.

I cannot be holding a cup full of liquid because I will spill it. Hopefully I can feel the sneeze coming so I can set down any beverage I’m holding.

I also am most safe if I’m sitting on a secure seat; I have sneezed with the added terror of that sneeze making me fall off whatever I’m sitting on. Last week I was coming back from the bathroom; we have a cheaper rollator I use that doesn’t have as much stability as my main one. I felt a sneeze coming but couldn’t make it to my seat before; I ended up sneezing then gracefully getting down to sit on the floor because otherwise the sneeze would have made me then fall.

I don’t expect people to really understand what life is like day to day. But I just want to bring awareness to something most people don’t think twice about yet something that now brings me dread.

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Author: loganmer

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