The Huge and Embarrassing Side Effect of My TBI

Every single day I experience many things that are vastly different than my life before surgery. I could (and sometimes do) get hung up on the severity but I try to not and instead just laugh at it and move past it because otherwise it can majorly bum me out.

Thankfully not much in my demeanor has changed. Some may say I get frustrated easier but I think it’s more because I’m having to deal with more stressful things much more frequently.

But I’ll tell you what has changed; I’m much more apt to get emotional, aka tear up. Now I’ve always been on the emotional side. I’m sensitive to an unusual level; I remember several incidents reducing me to tears. But I had the ability to get in an appropriate setting, like a bathroom, before crying. So of course any medical issue would get me emotional.

The embarrassing thing though is most of my appointments with doctors are relating directly to my recovery and even if they aren’t it’s still a topic of conversation. It’s very difficult for me to speak about how I’m doing without getting teary.

While I may be ok with that making me emotional, I also find anything that’s not great runs the risk of getting me upset. Conflict, normal life developments, etc. I prefer written communication because yes I type better than I talk but also that eliminates the chance of me being embarrassingly emotional.

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