My Quarantine Pastime

My absolute favorite show is Survivor (yes it’s still on!). I’ve watched most seasons, many when they aired. I did miss some seasons, mostly between 15 and 25 (season 41 starts in a few weeks). It went through a rough patch, hence the skips, but man oh man it’s been amazing for a solid 6 years!

I have vivid memories of watching it on Fridays on my laptop in college (Thursday used to be Survivor night) and I got up early on Thursdays to watch it when I lived in London. My mom and I do a pool each season, including betting money.

Most of the seasons are on Hulu and two are on Netflix including 28 which is wonderful. Also musts (without giving anything that could in any way be a spoiler) are 2, 3, 13, 18, 24, 27,34, and 40. Trust me.

During the beginning of Covid there was no new production, meaning there were no new seasons last Fall and Spring. It wasn’t the same but I started a new habit, one I’ll continue on the off season periods.

On Wednesdays (the day it is normally on) I’d watch an episode. It was a way to keep up the excitement of seeing a show but still keeping the pace versus the normal behavior of binge watching. I was able to watch 4 essential seasons I’d never seen.

I’m excited to keep this up to rewatch seasons I love and fill the void when new episodes aren’t airing!

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