My Small Victory

It’s extremely easy to assess this recovery as very before and after, and not acknowledge the progress.

I have a small, but really big victory.

In December 2019 I went to see the Star Wars movie in theaters with Kevin and a friend. Because it was in a huge theater and we didn’t realize you could enter on the second level we had to go up like 30+ stairs. I can do stairs no problem, but I remember how exhausted I was after; I felt like I had to spend the whole movie recovering.

Contrast that with last week. I went to my therapist for a session and afterwards my mom said “bad news. The elevator’s not working.” (Her office is on the second floor.) I said no problem, my mom took my rollator down then walked me down the stairs. It’s maybe a 15 step staircase and it was absolutely no big deal and had no impact on my energy level.

That’s proof of building endurance. Yes it takes time but it can be done.

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