The Joy of Biking

I am very lucky and got a recumbent bike last Christmas. It’s in the basement and I initially used it a lot, but at the end of March I hurt my knee pretty badly. had to get a cortisone shot, stayed away from biking until June then really eased back into biking for a workout.

I started using the bike sporadically but noticed problems every time; the resistance level would automatically go down to 1. It was still under warranty so we had a service call and it needed a whole new console.

Of course that takes time, it JUST got replaced two weeks ago. I finally did a bike ride and I LOVED it! I’m a lover of bike classes, a former regular at Soul Cycle, so I have the Pelaton app and did a class with Cody.

I don’t solely rely on biking for fitness, but I’m really happy to incorporate it once a week to my routine.

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