Despite my love of dance I’ve never seriously watched Dancing With the Stars until this season.A lot is due to liking a lot of the cast but also discovering I really enjoy devoting myself to a series of reality tv; I’ve done it with RuPaul’s Drag Race and Top Chef.

One of the judges is Derek Hough, and one of the contestants is Amanda Kloots, who among many things lost her husband to Covid last year. After a great performance and sharing this was a way to heal Derek said:

“Dancing is the best way to reclaim your joy.”

Yes. Oh my gosh did this resinate with me.

Ok I’m a dancer so would of course agree with this. I regularly did adult dance fitness classes and had a tribe of fellow lovers of dance.

But these ladies did not grow up dancing. Removing the technicality that comes from taking regular dance classes, dancing is just plain fun.

Who gives a shit how you look? My motto is dance like an asshole. My go to advice if you’re feeling unsure is just move by copying someone else’s dancing. So crank up some toons, pop on a YouTube of someone dancing and go crazy!

I agree with Derek; dancing = joy.

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