Last Week

Last week was A WEEK. I can’t remember the last time I was so stressed. I have two immediate reactions to stress: I’m extra emotional aka anything small can bring on tears and my appetite goes away.

In times of high stress it’s very important to still keep up taking care of yourself. The #1 thing is sleep; if you don’t sleep well overnight plan a nap into your day. Eat well even if, like me, you’re not hungry. If you know a stressful time is upcoming, make and freeze healthy meals you can eat when you don’t or can’t make time to cook. Finally, keep moving. Do not reason “oh I’m busy. It’s ok I can’t workout.” NOPE. Sure you don’t have time for a full blown workout, but you can take a walk or take 10 minutes to stretch.

I’m not writing this as a way to brag but more-so to show “i’m super busy” can still equal being productive. This week I:

-Worked 11.5 hours which included 4 hours of live meetings

-2 1 hour sessions with my personal trainer

-A 1 hour session with my therapist

-A Pilates session

-Going into Hallmark

-A bike workout

-My annual gynecologist appointment

-My weekly 4 hours at my friend’s house

-Starting a blogging self study course

-Watching my 7 (yes 7) weekly shows


-Writing my blog posts for this week

What really helped me, especially with work is taking the approach of what must get done now and what can wait. I also started the week by writing a note on my phone of goals for the week that I could delete things as I accomplished them.

Any tips that help you manage a busy schedule?

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