Explaining My Blogging Break

Hello! I know, I haven’t posted in two weeks. Yup. I needed to temporarily drop something/needed a digital break. I had two big things cause this need to not blog.

First of all I took a long weekend trip with Kevin and Glen to celebrate 5 (!) years together. Kevin was sweet as always, Glen was hilarious (at first he was acting like “where the hell did you bring me?”) but it was very anxiety inducing for me. Unlike my trip this summer, the house wasn’t as user-friendly. I explained here but anything outside my routine is stressful.

I discussed my unease early on with Kevin; he was very understanding and said “you’re just not there yet and that’s ok.”

Unfortunately, being away for a weekend left me feeling like I was scrambling to catch up. It took me a week and a half to feel not stressed and to get things done, even not important things like listening to podcasts. I like to be busy and I do this by spreading things out over the week, so anything different I get temporarily very stressed.

The second thing where I knew I shouldn’t force write posts was my mood; I honestly felt a lot of rage and feeling sorry for myself and I didn’t want that tone to come through in my writing.

I’m not totally better but those negative feelings are a lot more balanced with optimism and drive again.

I hope you enjoy my resumed posting!

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