SkyRise Chicago-Support Request

The owner of where I work out for years has suggested doing this challenge. This is the first year I’m physically capable, and was feeling confident that I could do this as a part of a team. Yes I would need help but I trust my trainers to keep me safe.

Well…in a world where so often I cannot do something because of my recovery, I suffered from severe knee pain in the Spring that made participating a total no. The whole ordeal was awful; I had to deal with an asshole of a doctor. I’m so glad to be past that but it was a painful and stressful thing in my life. I ended up getting a Cortisone shot.

While the doctor tried to say he saw wear and tear which maybe indicated need for surgery which I disagree with; I have 33 years of use including being overly hard on them with dancing so no shit they have wear and tear, I do need to not overdo it with biking and stepping.

I was therefore thrilled that SkyRise Chicago was offering a virtual option to participate! You can read more on my page, but I’m challenging myself to do a 2+ mile walk twice before November 7th.

Apparently while I was still in the hospital my parents toured Shirley Ryan and my mom said “oh yeah, this is Logan worthy.” I spent 6 weeks there and, even though I was in a horrid state, it really is an outstanding facility. There’s a reason Shirley Ryan is one of the top rehabilitation places in the country.

I’m so happy to FINALLY be in a position to give back to somewhere that really helped me out. It’s truly an honor to participate, and I please ask that you support me!

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