I love cookbooks. Probably since I appreciate food, I just love admiring them. I have many, and I know there’s no way I could realistically make every dish, but I really enjoy having a collection. I absolutely consider reading a cookbook like reading a novel in terms of counting towards my books read in a year. My criteria are reading all intros, pantry lists, etc. and looking at every recipe, reading the blurb that proceeds the recipe.

I have a few favorites, most are cooks I love whose books I always buy their books when they are released. In no order my musts:

Celebrity Cooks

Gwyneth Paltrow: yup. Laugh, but GP knows her stuff. My favorite is My Father’s Daughter because she doesn’t write health conscious but her others like It’s All Good have yummy recipes too.

Chrissy Teigen: another eye roll but again, girl can cook. Both Cravings cookbooks are wonderful but if I had to pick one I’d pick the first one.

Specific Diets

Vegan: a vegan diet does not suit my system 100% of the time but I do like incorporating some into my cooking. My pick is anything Ella Mills. I recommend Deliciously Ella but all her books are great.

Whole 30: I’m really into the Whole 30 way of eating. There are some great cookbooks to get you started!


Kevin knows me and as such has bought me many cookbooks. But the by far best one is Healthier Together. Everything we’ve tried out of it has been delicious and we have some staples now from there including an amazing risotto recipe; possibly best present ever.

The Flavor Bible isn’t so much a cookbook but something every cook needs. It tells you what flavors pair together for any ingredient, making it essential for creating your own dishes.

What are your go to books?

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