My Highlights of 2021

What a year. Every year since my surgery there have been huge gains in my progress, but this year really felt like the beginning of getting back huge parts of pre-surgery Logan.

The first is work. A huge and important part of me is my career and I’ll be honest, the last three years have been hard for me. My purpose in life is working so it’s been a challenge to instead have to focus on myself. I found myself floundering without that responsibility; I’m 33, I’m meant to work. I am not afraid to say getting back to work was nothing short of an uphill battle. The process was filled with tears and feeling treated without the level of respect I felt I deserved; imagine having to submit a resume to your existing employer. However my company took a huge gamble on me; we talked over Zoom but they didn’t know my capabilities. I’m looking forward to ramping up my hours and responsibilities in 2022, as well as physically going into the office!

And another big thing is travel. I was a huge and often traveler pre-surgery. Now, and I further explained this here, there’s a lot I now have to plan for in a way I didn’t before. I find that my mood is much, MUCH better when I can either be in my normal routine or can guarantee certain things in a situation. I’m slowly gaining the confidence to travel back, having gone on a week long roadtrip this summer. In 2022 I will tackle air travel and continue taking smaller local long weekend trips.

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