An Opinion on Life Right Now

While we are at this point no strangers to having to make disappointing choices for our safety, the danger of Covid really ramped up fast. I personally did a virtual versus in person speech therapy session and cancelled a manicure. I know that’s extremely minor; some people are having to cancel travel plans to see family.

Last year I wrote a harsh post on Facebook about not being able to get together. I stand by that opinion; there are more severe and permanent reasons someone cannot gather like normal. However, a year ago things were quite different. We didn’t have the vaccine, first and most importantly. We had a bit more tolerance with a year less of life in Covid times. So while I stand by my general opinion of just deal with it, I also have sympathy of another year that cannot resemble more closely what we know especially since until very recently that seemed possible.

Here’s how I cope, and remember I had close to 18 months before quarantine started of living a new normal. You have to relish in the basics. What do I mean?

Kevin is my favorite human. We lived together for over a year before my surgery; now I’m primarily out in the suburbs, living with my parents. I’m slowly growing more able to have longer stints there, and he comes out every weekend. But it can seem like a step backwards. He’s off work for the holidays so he came out yesterday and is here until Monday. I was so so SO excited when he arrived and am just beyond looking forward to our time together.

With really readjusting your level of gratitude, I enjoy making a very simple list of 5 things to be grateful for. For instance, Tuesday’s was:

  1. My delicious cup of coffee
  2. The very yummy deconstructed California roll bowl we had for lunch
  3. Glen playing with a toy
  4. A nice, hot shower
  5. Reading my book

This time does suck but there’s also positive things so try to see the good!

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