My Favorite Things 2021

I wanted to share my favorite discoveries from the year!

The first is Hempz lotion. I prefer to pick body products that are made from natural ingredients. This fits the bill. I have normal skin and it provides a good amount of moisturization. I find the bottle design great with the pump top. And I’ve used multiple scents; they all smell amazing! They carry this at Ulta.

I discovered Color Street nail strips. I love done nails but I’ve always struggled with the options; I’m very hard on my hands so regular polish chips after a day or two. It’s such an endeavor to plan to paint my nails. On the flip side, gel manicure removal is a harsh and time intensive process. Enter Color Street. They are already 95% dry, take less than 10 minutes to apply and can be removed with regular polish remover. I love the cute designs and have so much fun shopping then planning what to use. My favorite are the glitters. They last at least a week, longer if you can put up with nail grow out. I only use Color Street now.

The last find is the brand Thrive Causemetics. Kevin’s mom first recommended them to me; they are easy for me to use and just amazing products. I particularly love their mascara.

What did you discover this year?

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