Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022!

I feel torn on resolutions. I dislike that they can represent vague and unattainable goals that can lead to future disappointment. I’m not on board with the sentiment that the laziness, unhealthy eater will suddenly clean up their diet and be the fittest just because it’s a new year.

However, I do like the freshness that a new year brings. It’s a clean re-start and can be a good starting point to begin new habits.

I do have some goals for 2022, some big and some one and done things to accomplish. Some I covered here. If you make resolutions I hope if mid-year you decide 2022 is not the year to accomplish it you choose to be kind to yourself.

I wish you a magical 2022!

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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