Just Asking…

Favorite Disney princess?

Belle or Jasmine

What’s on your car playlist?

Anything by Black Eyed Peas or Maroon 5. Some Beatles. And probably some random songs; I usually watch something and really like a song they use and become obsessed with it.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I know I should say something not vein or adorable like “when Kevin looks at me” but it’s when I’ve had my makeup done. Also on a hair washing day when my curls are on point.

Most memorable haircut?

I tried out bangs for two years; I loved them when they looked good but bangs are hard with curly hair. Ugh but we can’t ignore the short hair I had without choice after surgery.

Favorite podcast?

I love the Drama Queens podcast that recaps an episode of One Tree Hill each week. I start every morning by listening to NPR News Now. And Kevin got me hooked on Comedy Bang Bang back in 2017; I’m hooked.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

No. But as someone who can make up their mind quickly and be secure in their decision, I do believe that you can know your thoughts on a person very shortly after you meet them..

Inspiration for a fancy look?

A default is retro classic; you can never go wrong with a red lip!

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Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

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