The Princess Diana Accredited Access Exhibition

Last week I went to an amazing photo exhibit with my mom and one of her friends in Oakbrook. It’s no surprise that I’m a huge British Royals fan, so seeing this was a must. It’s through early March and I highly recommend going.

I’m not a huge Princess Diana fan. I didn’t live through her life as an adult; I was 9 when she died. And I’ve just never been obsessed with her the way I am with the younger Royals. That being said, the exhibit really shows how her actions paved the way for what we see with the Monarchy now.

The exhibit takes about 60-90 minutes to go through. There’s an outstanding accompanying audio; each clip is very short (the longest was maybe 1 minute 30 seconds) but pairs with the images so well.

There’s a very cool section showing beautiful hats made of paper, and a giant tiara.

I felt very safe throughout the experience. The exhibit isn’t huge but big enough you can social distance. They limit the admissions so it never feels too crowded.

I cannot recommend this enough!

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