Flashback: Getting Glen

One of my 2022 goals is cleaning out the 10+ years of photos on my laptop; oof. I’m double dipping and starting a new series of flashbacks to show old photos and share the associated story.

First up: when we brought Glen home in May 2018!

Kevin and I decided we were ready for a dog. He said so at work and one of his coworkers said “I have a dog”. He was fostering Glen, so we met him and obviously were instantly smitten. We had to apply and be approved, then go in to sign the adoption papers (and pay).

We picked him up and went to Petsmart; I sat on the floor holding Glen while Kevin paid for everything, including a leash! We went to get his tag and had to decide; one n or two?

When we got home he promptly went in the office and pooped. We think he did it to see our reaction (we didn’t chastise him). He was unsure where he was for maybe an hour then he settled and now is attached to us!

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