Winter Project Idea: Organizing Photos and Videos

I’m both sentimental and quite ruthless. Often times a stack of memories appears to me just as clutter. So my new and massive project is organizing all the videos and photos I have, mostly of my life but some pre-Logan stuff too. Here’s my plan of attack:

First, I know that I can only devote small chunks of time to sorting before I feel overwhelmed. I therefore am trying to break this project up by year or a big event, like when I studied abroad. I know the only way to properly do this is by tackling it over many, many sessions.

I made the decision to just suck it up and pay the hefty price to have a company digitalize all our home videos. I don’t have the time or ability to do it myself.

I made a plan for how I will organize everything. I picked out photo boxes I love and plan to break my collection up by baby-starting school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, 20’s, and 30’s.

As for my digital pictures, I mentioned it with starting my flashback series but I just need to organize everything; delete a lot and make relevant albums to then access in the future.

And finally I’m setting aside photos I want to display; some for a few future gallery walls and a few I want to frame now.

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