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This is the time of the year the thoughts of “why do I live here?” come up. Chicago (and other places) have brutal, BRUTAL, winters and it’s cold AF. I put up with it because our summers and falls are beautiful, but it’s tough to remember that when you’re bundled in many layers. I have a few tips on how to confront the shorter days and the tendency to feel negative moods.

Surround yourself with color

Black goes with everything, but also is depressing. Last year I needed to get a new winter coat so I got a bright red one. Red is my favorite color and I get an instant mood boost every time I put it on.

I also have a rule that I never buy a black purse. I know I prefer more neutral cloths and shoes, so I include color with colorful bags. I cannot tell you the number of compliments I’ve gotten over the years on my bright pink purse.

Have happy nails

I somewhat subscribe to the general flow of darker nail colors in winter, bright colors in summer. However, your nails are something you can constantly glance down at to feel happy. I try to select glittery or colors I know I’ll enjoy.

Recognize the power of smell

Smell is a hugely powerful sense. Capitalize on your sense memory by choosing warm weather scents over the typical warm spices and heavier ones that are popular at this time. My picks:

Volcano candle: I’ve loved this scent for 10+ years. It’s available in a multitude of products too if candles aren’t your jam!

Dr. Teals bath products: I recommend the Himalayan Salt scent; it’s not heavy but it’s still comforting.

A lighter and yummy smelling body lotion: I recommend Hempz.

I don’t like personally to kid myself by picking super summery scents since that feels fake.

It’s definitely something you have to put effort into, but you can be happy despite the draw to be sad!

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Author: loganmer

Chicago CPA. Passionate about many things; mildly OCD.

2 thoughts on “Mood Enhancing Tips”

  1. Hi Logan 🙂

    I live in Germany now — also quite dark, but perhaps not as cold. I did grad school at UW-Mad, so I know a little about the place called the midwest (as Bob Dylan referred to it in one of his songs 😉 ).

    Don’t forget exercise! It’s a huge mood enhancer — *HUGE* ;D

    🙂 Norbert

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