Covid Rant

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, although we’ve come to think everyone should share their opinion.

I mostly try and keep my thoughts to myself or share with people I know I can trust. But I’m going to write my opinion here. A warning that if you’re sensitive to the opinion for vaccination, give this a skip.

I consider myself an introvert, happy to spend time by myself. Therefore I put weight into the fact that, after 5+ years, I want to spend lots of time with Kevin. A big reason we work is that I’m, hmmm a nice term is type A and a not so nice is a bit neurotic, whereas Kevin is very chill. For those who watched Big Little Lies he’s the Ed to my Madeline.

I say a lot even though it’s somewhat gross “I miss Kevin.”

He just got back from a very much deserved family vacation. I so wanted him to have this trip. However, now that he’s back we’re having to weigh the want to see each other with being smart and safe.

Why, after almost 2 years of this crap, despite both being vaxxed and boosted do we have to consider the risk?

I’ve yet to hear a reasonable excuse to not get vaccinated. This decision goes against science, and is stupid and selfish. We totally botched this pandemic because people think it’s ok to preach their wrong opinions. And us smart people, who did the right thing, still are living fearful.

I long ago accepted just how cruel and unfair life can be. But again, we’re at almost 2 years?!?!

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Author: loganmer

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