Oh stretching.

Feels so good, is a key part of preventing injury and any exercise routine…and is usually overlooked.

Look, I get it. I also am guilty of skipping stretching. But I know that’s dumb.

Every session now includes me doing the same stretches. It’s just a part of the beginning of each session. It’s quick but a good addition to warm me up. I also do a weights video with Kevin every so often and we always do a quick 5 minute informal warm up. Even though stretching doesn’t need to be long and/or fancy, it allows your body to prepare for movement.

I just started a few weeks ago doing a series of maybe 10 stretches nightly I can do in a chair. We and especially me sit a huge portion of each day sitting so I like to think this counters that. I also keep a resistance band nearby and try to do a few foot exercises too. I try to not beat myself up though if I miss a night.

I’m working now in my sessions to lift heavier weights; last week I used 6 pound hand weights, 10 pound kettle bells and did some squats with 20 pounders. Because I’m building my upper body strength, stretching afterwards is so important so I’m not so sore I can do nothing.

Many of my favorite stretches need no equipment, but easy pieces to incorporate are resistance bands or a foam roller.

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