Flashback Friday: Kensington Palace

Last week I blogged about when I lived in London. I was lucky enough that when I was there my friends visited. One day we went to Kensington Palace; here are some of my favorite pictures!

Of course I took a photo of this photo .

A treasured memory: my friends and I have a track record of just chatting to people because we are genuinely curious about people’s lives. See: one of the best moments of my life….which I think I’ve blogged? I can’t find it; basically we talked to a security guard at the stage door of Aladdin and he let us backstage.

Anyways, we’re talking to someone who works there and we ask if he’s ever seen Kate (the Cambridges part time live there). He told us on his breaks he likes to go outside and if he’s alone he sings and dances. Well he was singing something like “You Sexy Thing” and he turned around and there was Kate with George and Charlotte.

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